Reasons to shop from us

All of our products are 100% hand-crafted in our shop!!

There are three things that make The Little Soap Store stand out from our competition; quality, uniqueness, and beautiful packaging.

Our high quality glycerin soap is made with 100% vegetable glycerin and is completely SLS and detergent-free. The base oils that we use in our soap are coconut oil and palm oil, but what makes our soap truly unique is that, before the soap is poured, we add a generous helping of extra nourishing oils, butters, and extracts. The results are soap that is luxurious and moisturizing but, more importantly, extra gentle for people with sensitive skin. Similarly, all of our other body and bath treats are geared towards people with all skin types; especially those with sensitive skin.

All of our soap is exclusively our own elaborate and intricate designs that will not be found anywhere else. We employ many difficult and complicated soap-making techniques that result in our visually appealing products. In other words, we don’t just mix a few things, add color and fragrance, and pour into a mold. Our designs require extensive planning ahead and arduous methods. For example, our “Give Me Some Sugar” soap requires 4-5 hours of careful pouring to build up the soap. We are bringing the craftsmanship back into soap-making!

Finally, much like we spare no detail with quality, the presentation of our products is simply beautiful and high-end. From ribbon bows to boxes and flowers, many of our products are ready-made gifts because they are presented in stylish and eye-catching packaging.

************************************************************ Our products are now available at:

Cattleman's Steakhouse

1520 Fabens Rd Fabens, TX